8 Cheap Bachelor Party Ideas

Need to come up bachelor party plans on the cheap? Worry not, help is here in the form of our inexpensive party ideas list.

Your groomsmen are on a budget-so what? You can still throw a killer bachelor party. All you really need is a group of guys and a good, cheap game plan. Read on for eight bachelor party ideas that won't leave everyone broke.

Baseball Game

Looking for something virtually free to do in the great outdoors? Why not head to your local park for a ball game? Bring a cooler of beer and your gear. After you're finished playing, head to your local pub or back to the best man's pad for more fun.

Bachelor Bowling

How about bowling? We're serious-it's more fun than you remember. Up the stakes and divide the guys into two teams-losers have to pay for the pitchers.

Poker Faces

Get out your cigars and cards! Pitch in for the groom's pot and order in, then see who'll be taking home all the chips.

Sports Night

This one's pretty simple, but it can't miss. Arrange to have the bachelor party on the night of a big game: basketball, baseball, hockey or another sport. Take over a corner of your local sports bar and settle back to enjoy the game, ordering libations and chicken wings by the dozen.

Video Arcade

When's the last time you set foot in an arcade? Things have changed since Space Invaders-trust us. Depending on how good a player you are (as in, how long your games last), you'll need either loads of quarters or practically none. Check to see if there's an arcade bar or restaurant in your area too-nothing's better than playing Pac-Man with a beer in hand.

A Good Roast

Roasts don't just happen on Comedy Central. Round up the guys and build a "throne" for the groom (imagination is a necessity here), then fill the room (whether at a restaurant, bar or home) and launch into the guy. Remember to keep it light ( do mention the time you knocked the wind out of him playing football; don't mention his dog dying when he was 9 years old).

Karaoke Night

Nothing rivals the potential embarrassment factor of a karaoke performance. Have a fiendishly fun time by getting the groom properly ready with spirits, then take him out to a nearby karaoke night-videos or it didn't happen!

Backyard Barbecue

Do you have a backyard or patio and a barbeque grill? If so, you can easily host a backyard bachelor barbecue. Have everyone contribute something small, like a side dish or drinks, and grill an assortment of meats, veggies and more.