5 Fashion Mistakes to Avoid on Your Wedding Day

5 Fashion Mistakes to Avoid on Y our Wedding Day

Your big day offers you a chance to expose your own personal style to others and we believe that a bride should wear exactly what she wants. However, there are some fashion faux mistakes that one should avoid at the wedding. And trust us, these are the mistakes you would obviously not want to make on a day you would remember forever. We consulted some bridal style experts for the most common wedding fashion mistakes they have seen brides making and for some useful tips and tricks about wedding day look.

1. Ordering standard sized wedding dress

As every woman has a different body type, it is a good idea to order a wedding dress that is customized to your own body measurements rather than trying to fit into a standard size.

2. Putting on an exposing dress at the wrong time

Consider the types of services you will be attending on your big day. Also, see if your fiance's family is conservative. If you feel that you need to cover up, remember to order wrap, scarf or sash for ceremony. This accessory would also add a style statement to your wedding dress.

3. Mismatching accessories

Adding a chunky necklace to an embellished gown or wearing a veil that doesn't flatter your gown would harm your overall wedding look. It is always good to try on the dress your planned accessories before the wedding day. Sometimes, a pair of earrings that look perfect as you think can clash when you pair with your dress.

4. Ignoring the venue

One of the most important considerations when shopping for wedding dress is your wedding place. If you are going to have a ceremony on the beach, you should select lighter styles and fabrics. The beach is not made for heavy ball gowns. On the contrary, if your venue is church, you should opt for something classic and formal.

5. Wearing wrong undergarments

It is important to choose the right undergarments for your wedding dress. You need to ensure that nothing is popping out and that there are no lines showing through the dress.