10 Things That Will Definitely Happen in Your First Year of Marriage

You friends may have referred to you as a married couple way before you made it official-still, tying the knot comes unexpected surprises. Maybe your first year together won't include accepting an award at the Golden Globes , defending political leaders , or reportedly purchasing a restaurant as an anniversary gift (hey, we can't all be Clooneys), but see what you can expect in the 365 days after you say "I do."

1. A big fight.

Yes, you're in love, but that doesn't mean that the first year will be perfect. While everyone wants to extend the honeymoon phase as long as possible, the reality is that you're both humans who have quirks and pet peeves. That's why it's important to remember why you got married to each other in the first place.

2. Staying in on a Friday.

So what if you've already seen every Breaking Bad episode? Hanging out on the couch with a bottle of vino, ordering take-out, and watching TV is actually way more fun than you would have thought in your single days. Bonus: instead of spending a night in sky-high heels, you might score a foot massage.

3. Friendships will change.

You love your friends but the dynamic will inevitably alter. It's going to be harder to catch up with Happy Hour-hopping single friends, find a middle ground between all your couple friends, and still find time to do your own thing.

4. Everyone will ask you about when you'll have a baby.

There is really no way around this one, especially when Grandma is nearby. Family, friends, coworkers, even people you barely know will inquire about your plans to reproduce. Yea, this can get awkward. Your best bet: keep calm and have a canned response at the ready.

5. Hosting and more hosting.

Playing house is fun, especially when all those cool registry gadgets start coming in the mail. Plus, what better way to reinforce your newfound family than to host a big holiday dinner?

6. A home improvement or a redecorating project.

A year of wedding planning is hard to quit cold turkey. Chances are, you're going to go through Pinterest withdrawal and will find new projects to keep you busy. Now is the perfect time to revamp that old Ikea dresser.

7. More independence.

Don't be surprised if you find yourself watching TV in separate room. You'll soon realize that you don't have to do every single thing together and having separate interests will actually bring you closer since you'll have more to talk about.

8. A new appreciation for family.

Dealing with multi-family schedules and different types of personalities can be challenging-even for the most easy-going couples. The key to keeping your sanity is to realize that family is responsible for shaping you and your spouse into people you fell in love with.

9. A "Honey Do" list.

There will always be chores -find your strengths and weaknesses and divvy up the list accordingly. You won't have to nag if your partner isn't absolutely dreading your request.

10. Invest in something big.

Somehow getting married makes you want to do something monumental together. Investing in an important endeavor together-whether it's a puppy or a new car-is very special.